Made In Montana

The Made in Montana Program is a part of the Business Resources Division of the Montana Department of Commerce.The purpose of the program is to provide a means of authentication for products made or grown in the state of Montana. Color World Printers is the exclusive distributor for all Made In Montana and Grown in Montana lables, decals and hang tags.

Since these are meant exclusively for use on products made or produced in the state of Montana, you must first be registered with the Montana Department of Commerce and approved as a registered Made In Montana participant. See below to find out how to become a registered user. Once approved as a user you can then access the labels available through the Made In Montana ordering website (click the Log-in link above).

If you are not currently registered as a Made In Montana user with the Montana Department of Commerce, please access the registration form here.

Registration paperwork needs to be submitted to the following (mail, email, or fax):

Montana Department of Commerce
Made In Montana Program
Shari Hunter Brownlee
PO Box 200505
301 S. Park Ave
Helena, MT 59620-0505

Fax: 406-841-2728
Phone: 406-841-2757

Once the MT Dept of Commerce receives your application the approval process usually takes 2 to 3 days.

If you are already a registered user of the Made In Montana program, please click the Log-in link above to access the ordering website.

If you need any assistance with the website or your order, please contact:

AlphaGraphics Bozeman
Made in Montana Rep. •
201 E. Mendenhall
Bozeman, MT 59715
406-587-4508 or 800-332-3303
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